This is my son, Mr. Kai Ryder… I love him so much I can believe he is growing so fast… I will updated his page as he gets older and I truly get to know who he is, what he likes, and who he will become…

My son on Sunday will be 8 Months Old… He is now crawling and standing on things… He wants to touch everything… He loves music and will dance to what he likes… He eats so much now… He is blabbing a lot I know soon he will be talking… We love going outside and pulling on all the plants and flowers… Daddy has taught him to give me plants and flowers after they pull them… Life being a parent is great!!!

9 Months Old Updated: We went to the doctor yesterday all is well… He is growing like crazy and will not leave my cat alone… We have baby proof the living room since that is the room he is in the most and he has still manage to get into things… I’m hoping to be moving out of my mom’s and into a new place that we have room for the new baby that is coming… I love being a mom!!!


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