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43 days left


Well it has been a while since I’ve posted something… Today I have 30 days until my Leave starts… I’m kind of freaking out now since I’ve so close… I know a lot of people say I’m crazy for the way I want to have and raise my child, but I feel great in the way I want my child… And I’m tired of people tell me to wait for the baby to get here to know how it feels to be a parent… No duh I’ve been waiting nearly 10 months… I’m trying to get the basic and the important stuff out of the way so I can pursuit my goal I still haven’t figure out what I want to do… I know what I want to do takes some time and effort, but for Tamir and I to start our own businesses we have to breastfeed and use cloth diapers… We can send so much money to help us get our businesses off  the ground and make a better future for our child(ren)… And I don’t want any drugs in my system that might harm my child… Even after reading some stuff about what they have been doing for years now I feel safer with a natural birth like women have been doing before they starting using drugs…