The Baby Is Almost Here


So I’m almost finished with my pregnancy and the baby will arrive sometime around November 12… I’m a little scared, but I’m ready for the baby to get here… I’ve been looking forward to meeting my child and so has it’s dad… I’m hoping for a little girl, which is what everyone thinks it is anyways… We have three boys already and just two girl we need another one to even out the playing field…  I know my man wants a boy, but at this point I think he only wants a healthy baby… I excited to start breastfeeding when the baby does come… now the only thing I’m worried about is how long I will do it… Most women stop at least by the time the baby is six moths and others wait til their first year… They recommend to at least two… I really hope I can do i for as long as I can or until we get ready to have our second one…  I really want to figure out what I want to do for a living so many things I can do, but I don’t know what I really want to do… I hope it comes to me pretty soon… Tamir has an idea of what he wants to do… I’m still kind of stuck… What can a feel truly happy doing and have the freedom I have with my family while helping provide for them… After I get the other fun out of the way I can completely pay attention to myself and my career… I hope I can figure out something so…


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