Confession Of A New Found Love


So I have been lost without my laptop, Cell phone, Zune player… I can’t believe I’ve got to this point… I always want a way to write something down, post something on twitter or facebook, or download a new album to listen too… I had a Kindle but I lost it not long after I got it, but when I had it I begin to download more books than I could read at a time… I have audio books on my Zune and I love being able to plug it in and listen to whatever I want… I totally love it…  Now that I’m going my own place I now ready to buy all my favorite technology again and somethings I don’t have like a camera… I’m really going to need one to capture everything in my child’s life…  And if I want a camera I still need a laptop to upload all my pictures on… I guess a new laptop is a must if I want any of kind of techie stuff… So the first thing on my list is that…  I love technology!!!


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