Daily Prompt: Secret of Success


What would it take for you to consider yourself a “successful blogger”? Is that something you strive for?

What I think takes to be a “Successful Blogger” is starting with a habit of blogging something everyday… At the moment I don’t have my own laptop so it makes it hard to blog with no laptop… For my birthday I’m going to get myself a new laptop so I can start this serious path that I’ve put in front of me… I’m going to be a mommy and I have great plans for me and my child… I want to be able to record the event somehow… The secret is Inspiration and it isn’t until now I have it… I’m so excited becoming a mother that I spend most of my time goggling baby stuff… I so in love with the fact I have my own family now and that is why I feel I can now be successful as a blogger… I strive for letting to world know how much I love my family and the things we enjoy doing together… I want to bring my hobbies and dreams  to life and taking this leap is the only way I can do it…  


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