TOP 10 Benefits to Preparing Your Own Baby Food


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Many mom’s nowadays especially younger moms might be a little more tight financially. While this is nothing to be ashamed of especially if you are trying to make your way through college there is a way to save some money when it comes to baby food. So here are the top 10 benefits to preparing your baby’s food at home instead of buying jarred food:

  1. You can pick exactly what is in your baby’s food. 
  2. It will make you feel more accomplished to do something special for your baby.
  3. You can pay more attention to baby’s favorite foods.
  4. It is much cheaper than buying already prepared baby food. 
  5. You have more control over the amount your baby wants to eat. 
  6. You can control the texture of foods that your baby prefers. 
  7. You can share in meal time with your baby. (Which makes a more positive experience for your baby as…

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