Infant One-Pot Meals


bean + bear

I don’t particularly enjoy eating my meals out of packages.  So when it comes to feeding my kids I assume that they won’t appreciate eating all of their first meals from jars and squeeze tubes.  So I have committed to making almost everything they eat.  It really doesn’t take that much time – just a little extra planning and visits to the grocery store for fresh, organic produce to make all their wee meals.

I made a Roast Chicken last night so I decided to document my baby food process.

Now that Charles is just about 11 months old, I have started to make him one-pot meals.  Lots of vegetables.  A bean or lentil for added protein. (I refrain from giving my kids meat until they are 1)  All cooked in nutritious homemade chicken stock.  I jam-pack it with as much healthy goodness as I can.  I make a batch…

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