What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?


I like this question a lot… So the one experience that completely changed my life would be getting pregnant… I kind of new that one day Tamir would give me a child for the fact that he is the only man that I’ve had a serious off and on relationship with… Some may think it happen to soon, but the way you look at it is you opinion… I think it’s about time only because we have known each other for almost 10 years… Yeah I know that’s crazy right, but it’s true… I met him when I was 15 in high school and now we are having a baby… Our life is a little backwards, but hey I enjoy the challenge… Our next challenge is getting a place and well for me a car so we can get to and from with our new bundle of joy that we will have this winter…I can’t wait to be a mom and I hope one day I’ll be his wife… I think I like this backward life… It keeps you on your toes… I just want to live a life of no worries and exciting experience and I know I have the right person in my life that would enjoy this journey with me… We just need better commutation skills with each other better…He is the inspiration on this blog… I’m feel so much better writing again I just need to figure out how to fit it in after the baby is born… T/T/F/N Tah Tah For Now


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